Description Of The Company Of Coca Cola Essay

Description Of The Company Of Coca Cola Essay

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1. Description of the firm
a. Company history
Coca Cola has been started as a great icon in the US by Dr. John S. Pemberton back in the 1880’s. Pemberton created a unique flavored soda that was sold to “old fashioned pharmacies”. The Coca Cola name and trademark was designed by Dr. John Pembertons partner and also book keeper Frank Robinson.
From 1886 to 1899 Coca Cola went from a startup to a wide success. Starting with portable beverages led Coca Cola to begin bottling their beverage in many different states. Three entrepreneurs, Joseph Whitehead, Benjamin Thomas and John Lupton purchased the bottling rights, which then became Coca Cola’s worldwide bottling system.
As a soft drink that has branded such substantial popularity over one hundred and thirty years shows how innovative, sustainable and worldly they have come.
b. Mission of the company
Coca Cola’s mission statement is “To refresh the world in mind, body and spirit… to inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions… and to create value and make a difference” (Staff, 2016).
c. The size and scope of the firm
Coca Cola currently has an average of 120,000 thousand full time employees worldwide. The Coca Cola Hub is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The employees helped produce Coca Cola’s popular American drink, bringing in over $1.5 billion in net sales in the first quarter in 2016. The Demographic profile of Coca Cola’s customers is so diversified, because of the multiple products they offer to the variety of markets. Coca Cola strategically analysis there products to target and mass market for the right customers, areas and preferences. This creates wants and needs to help brand new products and unpopular products.
d. The firms culture and phi...

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...mended Actions
Coca-Cola has always been unique about their carbonated beverage, however with the health trend going on; it needs to position itself in a different way in the consumer’s minds. The company should position itself as a healthier beverage industry by promoting its healthier products such as their Dasani water bottles, Minute Maid juices, Simply Orange juices, Vitamin Waters and Fuze tea drinks.
Coca-Cola should also consider entering new segments, which Pepsi is currently doing right now. Pepsi has entered the snacks segment and is generating more than half of its sales revenue from that. I think that Coca-Cola should enter a healthier style snack segment rather than Doritos and Lays. With that being said, it should enter snack segments including things such as nutrition bars. Nutrition bars are a great high protein snack, with healthier ingredients.

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