Essay on Description Of The Artifact Of Special Education

Essay on Description Of The Artifact Of Special Education

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Description of the Artifact:
Artifact 1: For Artifact 1, under Tab F: Professional Learning and Practice, the Staff Development Project for ELAD 6423 Special Education Law, was completed. To complete the assignment, I created and conducted a staff development meeting concerning the disciplinary actions for special education students. To create the power point presentation, I used the information gathered in the Module 4 assignment which discussed the legal issues for behavior management of special needs students. To arrange the staff development meeting, I met with my building principal to discuss the subject of the meeting and a time that would be appropriate to present the presentation. I also met with our building special education teacher to discuss the content of the presentation and review any questions or concerns that might arise during the meeting. Once a time and date was set for the staff development meeting, I created and handed out the presentation flyer describing the date, time and subject for the staff meeting. Prior to the start of the presentation, I create a sign-in sheet for the faculty to sign for documentation of attendance. I also created a presentation agenda for the meeting, as well as, a participant handout that followed the power point presentation. During the meeting, I went into detail discussing the points of the presentation, which were the laws and discipline actions for students with IEPs. I feel that the teachers left the meeting with a better understanding of the discipline provisions in place for special needs students.

Artifact 2: A High Impact Laws Summary, from the course ELAD 6423 Special Education Law, was completed for Artifact 2, under Tab F: Professional Learning and Prac...

... middle of paper ...

... and interpretation of the laws, impact me professionally and impact my students. These laws and subsequent court cases govern my acts as an educational professional, which in turn, impacts my students.
Artifact 3: I attended the Sonday System, a literacy program designed for beginning and struggling learners. I found the Sonday System workshop to be very interesting and beneficial, especially since I currently teach Kindergarten students. The program not only utilizes effective teaching strategies and interventions, but incorporates tactile components as well. I feel that my strength going into the workshop was my special education background knowledge, and understanding of interventions and strategies. However, since I attended the workshop during the early summer, I found it to be a weakness since I was not able to immediately implement the program.

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