Essay about Description of Six Seawater Facts

Essay about Description of Six Seawater Facts

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The Earth’s oceans salinity is always fluctuating due to a few factors. Weather is a determining factor in measuring salinity because salt does not evaporate and will remain in the ocean. Some rivers are constantly running fresh water into our ocean. Factors such as snowfall or ice melt will also have an impact on ocean salinity as it finds its way to the ocean. One interesting thing I found out was that the runoff from the Amazon is so extensive that in some places salt does not exist for up to a mile offshore. Salinity of our oceans is very important to scientific research. Awareness in the changes of salinity can date back to 300 and 600 AD. Researching and knowing facts about ocean salinity can provide information on the Earth’s water cycle and ocean circulation as well as climate. Salinity adds density to the ocean waters, which influence ocean circulation.
Why are there such major ocean temperatures around the Earth? Due to the fact that the earth is spherical, sunlight penetrates the atmosphere at various angles. In some locations such as the poles, much of the sunlight is reflected or has to pass through much more of our atmosphere before reaching the oceans. Along the equator, most oceans receive generous amounts of sunlight, which warm the water. The light that makes it through the atmosphere will then travel through the ocean waters until all of the energy has dissipated. I learned that there were 3 layers to the ocean and the temperature is pretty much constant in the Deep Bottom water no matter the depth or location. Scientists have been studying our ocean and exploring the depths for a long time now. In my research I came across a program called Argo. Argo is a program that releases profiling floats that measure temp...

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...ents are produced from marine animal waste and decomposition. The surface of the ocean lacks nutrients and the bottom usually has a plentiful amount due to dense objects such as waste sinking. Plants use this as nutrition and are located in the ocean shallow enough to receive light so they can carry out photosynthesis. When an upwelling occurs it brings nutrients up from the bottom to the surface and these places usually are flourishing with life. Once you hit the thermocline plants cannot grow due to a lack of nutrients, which is something I was unaware of. Scientists have observed marine plants and have gathered much information pertaining to where they can live. Plants need sunlight in order to do photosynthesis and once no sunlight exists in the ocean, plant life also stops growing here. Nutrients matter because without it, marine organisms would cease to exist.

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