Essay about Description of Harvard Model United Nations

Essay about Description of Harvard Model United Nations

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Harvard Model United Nations is a four days conference and international stimulation for students who have interests in politics. This conference is annually held in Boston, Massachusetts by Harvard University students. HUMUN have brought more than 3000 students and faculties from schools, colleges, and universities around the world in one place to discuss issues that international community is facing today. Students have been preparing for long time for this conference to come and participate, debate, negotiate, and come up with resolutions to solve world’s most complex issues ranging from international peace and security to human rights.
Students have gain benefits from participating and open their minds in many issues about international affairs and to represent countries that contribute in these issues. Furthermore, students have chances to build up their skills in many things such as public speaking, communicating, working as a team, learning how to be diplomatic, how to write quick using political terminology, and much more.
One semester before the conference begun, we have prepared a lot so we can understand the roles and procedures, how to debate, research, motion and negotiate. We have assigned certain countries by Harvard directors to represent its stances in particular issues. There are several different committees and I was participating in Disarmament and international security committee. I was assign to represent The Republic of Macedonia and do some research in what Macedonia stance for in terms of regional of two major topics that we have to discuss, security and civil war, and biological and chemical weapons.
Since I am studying business law course in Western New England under the supervision of Professor ...

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...ands for human rights and equality for all. It works with western leaders to build a coalition with all parties and neighbors to step forward to a peaceful resolution to end ethnic conflict. The government believes in democracy solution to secure the region and move forward for the membership of Europe Nation that will benefit people and all parties.

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