Description of Enteroctopus Dofleini Giant Octopus Essay

Description of Enteroctopus Dofleini Giant Octopus Essay

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There are over 200 different octopus species found worldwide, but the North Pacific giant octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) is the largest octopus of its species; its name derives from its genus belonging to the enteroctopus, located in the coastal north pacific in shallow waters. “Perhaps the most reviled and misunderstood'' ( William L. High September 1976) creature; they aren't harmful but they are curious beings, not vicious sea monsters like we see in movies. They don't have an aggressive nature; their curiosity is a remark of their incredible intelligence. Their diet consists of crabs, clams, small fish, snails, abalone, lobsters and even other octopuses. With all these sources of food to eat, the octopi doesn't limit itself there it goes beyond what one would expect demonstrating that it can attack and drown a seagull, and as seen in videos on the internet if left in an aquarium together with a shark the giant octopus would be the conquer of that battle, as its 8 arms with 270 suckers per arm is able to grasp on to the shark in a firm unbreakable bond. Their classification in regards to where they belong to, starting from kingdom is animalia, their phylum: mollusca, class: cephalopoda, order: octopoda, family: octopodidae, genus: octopus, and species: Octopus dofleini.

In respect to the anatomy of the octopus dofleini, it is a bilateral symmetrical mollusk; it lacks a shell entirely, it is rare for cephalopods to lack an exterior shell, and this is not the only rareness this creature posses, it also has the ability to manipulate its arms, appendages and suckers, with the 8 arms it posses and the 270 suction discs (made of a similar substance as human fingernails) also know as suckers; that is just under 2,000 suckers it c...

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