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Description Of Coaching And Mentoring Essay

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Dynamic Duo

Coaching and mentoring use the similar skills and approach, however coaching is short term task-based and mentoring is an extensive term relationship. When observing the coaching and mentoring landscape, confusion surrounds this dynamic duo (Salter & Gannon, 2015).
Coaching is a useful way of developing people 's skills and abilities, and of heightening performance. Rocereto (2011), defined coaching as a “method which aims to achieve self-actualization by facilitating learning and development processes to promote the resource base of another person.” This particular management style can assist with minor issues and challenges before they become major problems. The coaching management style, is an effective process that helps another person improve awareness, set and achieve goals, and learn from experiences to improve a particular behavioral performance.
According to Bommeljie (2015), workplace coaching can be one that assists with relationships that are formed between an individual who has a managerial responsibility within an organization and an employee. A variety of cognitive and behavioral techniques are used to enhance the relationship between the manager and the employee. “Coaching is concerned with a task, focused on skills and performance, and is often a line manager role; the agenda is set by or with the coaching, there is an emphasis on feedback to the learner, and it typically addresses a short-term need (Jenkins, 2013, p. 7 ).”
Mentoring is an essential leadership skill. In addition to managing and motivating people, it is also important that managers help others learn, grow and become more effective in their jobs. Mentoring is an effective low-cost means of making the most of a...

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...sure, self-discovery approach. “While coaching has traditionally been perceived as a remedy for poor performance and as an approach that links individual effectiveness with organizational performance” (Ellinger, Hamlin, & Beattie, 2008). The mentor is both a source of information/knowledge and a Socratic questioner.
The contributions of the literature to understanding the research were substantial. The overall strengths of the literature were obtained throughout the research obtained there was ample information on managerial coaching. The overall weakness of the literature that I captured was that it was difficult to find specific information on studies performed using the coaching management style. Information that might be missing from the literature review are testable results from organizations on the effectiveness of the coaching management style.

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