Description Of A Suitable Bridge Design Essay example

Description Of A Suitable Bridge Design Essay example

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This report is an analysis of a suitable bridge design to span across a 300mm gap while also being able to support maximum load.
This report will investigate different bridge designs, from the gathered information a pasta bridge will be constructed replicating the bridge that:
1) Holds sufficient weight
2) Is economically viable
3) Has pleasing aesthetics
The bridge must have enough deck room to accommodate a matchbox car.
The bridge design that seems most appropriate will be scaled and down and constructed than tested.
There are many designs that would be suitable for this project that meet the criteria of economic viability, ability of holding weight and of aesthetic appearance. . In this report the best solution will be based on the criteria and the advantages and disadvantages of the materials.
Bridge Designs:
After choosing between many different designs of bridges the list was narrowed the list to two, taking account economics, aesthetics and the bridges ability to hold weight.
Arch Bridge:
Arch bridges are one of the classic architectural components that you can see throughout much of modern human history .By incorporating arches into a bridge design, there are some definite advantages that can be gained to improve the overall structure.
An arch bridge can be constructed out of nearly anything as long as the material is able to withstand compression. This feature of the arch bridge allows for simple forms of the arch bridge to be constructed out of materials that are purely based around the budget of the project.
The ability to please aesthetics is another pro of an arch bridge design. As mentioned earlier, an arch bridge may be constructed out of all different types of material, thus leav...

... middle of paper ... impacts the environment it is able to recycle as soon as it is not needed anymore thus reducing its environmental destruction.
Construction of Bridges:
Sometime ago the construction of bridges was completely reliant on men to move, lift, place and secure the materials used in the construction of bridges. However, trucks and trains are used to transport the required construction materials to the building site. Cranes are now used to lift the beams and place them in position. Men still generally have to secure the beams together whether it would be via welding or mechanical securing.

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