Description of a McDonalds Restaurant Essay example

Description of a McDonalds Restaurant Essay example

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The outside of the McDonalds has the old awning which has the traditional colors of red, yellow and white. The awning of this restaurant does not extend out into the street and the restaurant has big clear window outside. Inside the restaurant is different. This McDonalds also has the upgraded colors and infrastructure. The McDonalds is not the biggest, but not the smallest and looks very up to par. The floor consists of a dark brown type of tile with a black lining in between the tiles. The restaurant also has a mixture of tables and booths. The tables are located towards the windows. The tables have a circle shape and have a light beige color. The tables are supported with a black beam underneath. What was different from this McDonalds from the rest is that these tables had leather chairs that you can sit on. From the way they look I think they were attached to the floor. On one side the leather chair is black while on the other side of the beige table the chair is red.
The booths were a light soil brown and were made of hard plastic and some of these booths were connected with the new green/yellow McDonalds chairs. The restaurant also has a mixture of hanging chandeliers that were green. These chandeliers hung over the tables with the leather chairs that sat by the windows. One new thing they had was some sort of shades like the one you hang at your window hang in certain parts of the restaurant. They were rotating but had words on them such as “chilled,” “beef,” “pepper,” and “tomato.” The shades were colored black while the words were a mix of the colors white, green, red, and yellow. It caught my attention because I had not seen this at the other McDonalds. There was also another shade design but it was made of wood and wa...

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...ts on. His jeans were dusty and so where his light orange yellow Timberland boots. He had had black and grey hair and had a tool belt around his waist.
I only saw two of the staff members behind the counter working. They were both young girls around 20 years old. They both had similar features they were both wearing the same McDonalds outfit which consisted of a black shirt, pants and hat. They both had their hair in ponytails which came out the back of the McDonalds black baseball cap. The cash registers they had was brand new since they could actually touch the screen. I did not see a manager but the boy who was making the burgers was a young Black male also in his 20’s who had a black shirt as he was sliding the burger onto the metal trays. The janitor here also wore the black uniform and was constantly cleaning the restaurant with the standard blue mop bucket.

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