Essay about Description Of A Forensic Accountant

Essay about Description Of A Forensic Accountant

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Occupation Description
Requirements and Education
There is not one set path to become a forensic accountant. There are however, two main certifications most forensic accountants hold; the CFE and the CPA. Having one or both of these certifications is the best way to find work in forensic accounting.
Many forensic accountants are Certified Public Accountants. It is the most well-known accounting credential and having those three letters after one’s name tells the world you know what you’re doing. It is not a requirement, but it is common for most in financial forensics to be CPA’s. One needs a bachelor’s degree, though not necessarily in accounting, to be eligible for the CPA exam. 24 undergraduate hours or 15 graduate hours of accounting classes are needed along with two years of work-related experience and 150 total college credit hours (What is the Uniform CPA Examination? 2016). The exam is broken down into four sections; auditing, business environment and concepts, financial reporting, and regulation, and they can be taken separately or all at once. An individual must all four sections within 18 months, or they risk having to repeat the process (What is the Uniform CPA Examination? 2016). Additionally, pass rates for each section are around 50 percent, so there is no guarantee of success.
The Certified Fraud Examiner is the credential to have for those looking to specialize in forensics. To sit for the exam, one needs a bachelor’s degree and two years work experience in auditing, psychology, or law, or they could have a graduate degree with no related work experience. Like the CPA exam, the CFE is comprised of four sections; fraud prevention and deterrence, financial transactions and fraud schemes, invest...

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...Exchange Commission, though not listing forensic specifically, pays their accountants an average of $190,000 per year (Pay Rates for Accountants, 2016). The FBI, whose accountants are generally forensic, pays an average of $95,000 per year, and even those from the hated IRS can take solace in their average salary of $103,000 a year (Pay Rates for Accountants, 2016).
The benefits of job are not solely financial. A forensic accountant, especially one working in law enforcement, can wake up every day excited about work. Budgets and taxes are important, but the prospect of investigating financial crimes and helping to put the perpetrators behind bars gives one an enormous sense of purpose. If one enjoys their job and feels it has meaning, they are more likely to excel and be productive. This increases the chance of promotion and could result in a higher wage.

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