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Description Of A Family Therapy Essay

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Description & Overview
A Family therapy is a multilayered system that is recognized as a systemic therapy that utilizes therapeutically psychotherapy approach, to help clients coping with their problem within the family system. Family therapy allows close family members who are in close relationship to address their issues, including addressing issues with their significant others (Carr, 2009). The goal of therapy is to provide therapeutic need that will work on fixing dysfunctional behavior within the situation of the family. The process of behavior changes and focuses on the interaction of individual members in relation to the problem, leading to various techniques and intervention strategies occurrence of nurturing changes (Counsellor, 2016).
The philosophical importance of family therapy recognizes the strain in family relationships in which clients of family members can pose difficulties or challenges at the base of their family relationship (Corey, 2017). Therefore, family therapist encourages family members to empathize with one another by sharing a mutual understanding relationship and assisting each other reasonably in practical manners. The family therapist employs models in which offering the opportunity for family member to bond and interconnected with each other through understanding, empathetic and logical association (Skorunka, 2009). Although the models provide opportunities for therapist to work with a client with dysfunctional behavior, it facilitates improvement in family functioning, specifically during a transitory period of development (Carr, 2009). The similarities of these models, principal beliefs are constructed on family unity and cooperation of individual family members with problem- solving skill d...

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...bers of various ethnicities and races. The therapeutic approaches also challenge therapist to learn how to empathize and develop cultural understanding, in order to help family members to cope with their problems within their respective values and belief and also within the framework of family therapeutic relationship and systematic approach of the family therapy. This allows therapists to deal with issues that are traumatizing to family members such as: the illness or death of a loved one, divorce and separation, family pattern of illegal substances, alcohol addictions, drug addictions, unemployment, and children with dysfunctional behavior (Counsellor, 2016). As a therapist who is engaged in utilizing the family therapy system, it will provide me the opportunities to work with these vulnerable family members and help them cope with their situations (Corey, 2017).

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