Essay on Description Of A Computer Science

Essay on Description Of A Computer Science

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This is the final portfolio for CH1051 which displays what I have accomplished and learned in this course, and also how this course has help me in moving forward in the future. There are ten objectives, which are important to my major because these skills demonstrate the ability to identify a problem, come up with a testable solution, and then carry out the proposed solution while accurately recording the results and effectively communicating them within both your group and effectively to the public. These skills are essential for nearly every major, but especially my major of computer science, where we are constantly having to identify the problems and in turn make a solution and then test and move forward to finally correct the issue in our code. Also in the portfolio, there are accompanying artifacts for each objective and explanation, there to represent the mastery of each objective I have achieved.
Objective 1 – explanation
Accurately records experimental procedures.
Relevance to major
This objective is important to my major of computer science, because when I take a break and then return to my program, I will be able to know exactly where I left off, and my thought process of how I got to that point since I recorded all of the procedures carried out. Then I’ll be able to continue smoothly in my work without having to go through the entire code again, attempting to understand what I have previously completed, since I have record of every step taken. Also, it is crucial if there is an error or hiccup in my program where it does not work correctly, I will be able to debug the code much faster because I will know all of the steps that I took to get to that point, and instead of blindly hunting through, I ...

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...ure used for each test, the results are present for each test, and by providing these procedures and their results, it confirms the conclusion that we were able to discover what nutrients were present in each of the given fertilizers. The procedures for each nutrient test are listed with what to add or perform and also the observation to be had if the nutrient is indeed present, then there are the results that confirm whether or not the nutrient was found to be present in the fertilizer or not, and then the conclusion stating we were able to identify the nutrients present in each fertilizer based on the performed tests which is supported based on the previously listed procedures and results. These procedures and results defend my conclusion by proving that the test was performed and there is clear evidence of the results which allow for the said conclusion to be made.

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