Description in Detail of the Humanistic Theories by Rogers and Maslow Essay

Description in Detail of the Humanistic Theories by Rogers and Maslow Essay

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1. Introduction
Humanistic approach focuses on human existence, where people have unique qualities that include creativity, freewill or freedom, potential and personal growth. People like Carl Rogers who have brought about person-centred theory and Abraham Maslow who has developed a hierarchy of needs, where he emphasized on self-actualization. There is an evaluation on both Rogers and Maslow theories, on how they are based on their own assumptions and views, and I apply Maslow’s theory of self-actualization into my own personal life.
2. Description in detail of the Humanistic theories by Rogers (person-centred) and Maslow (self-actualization) and the evaluation of both theories.
2.1 Rogers (person-centred theory) humanistic theory:
The person-centred theory it is an approach that emphasize on a person’s subjective point of view (Weiten, 2014). The approach is concerned chiefly with one’s own interests, well-being, etc. Basically the self or self-concept (Rogers, 1959). Rogers (1959) state the person-centred approach, as an approach that apply the person-centred approach to the therapy situation; and to understand human relationship in different areas of life such as psychotherapy and counselling (client-centred therapy), education (student-centred learning) organization and other group setting (Rogers, 1959).
Self-actualization happens when a person’s ideal self (who they want to be) is corresponding or congruent in character with their actual behaviour (self-image) (Rogers, 1959). A person who is actualizing is considered as fully functioning person (Rogers, 1959). This implies that the person is in touch with his or her feeling and experiences, which are continuously growing and changing. According to Weiten (2014) ”Incongruenc...

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... strive to develop them to feel good of becoming myself. So I always tell myself I may look like my father, but I will never behave like him. I will continue to try to help him in any way, and pursue my studies in order to become a professional social worker who tries to make life better for all people and help them to look forward for tomorrow .
3. Conclusion
The humanistic approach has been discussed. This has been captured by Maslow’s theory of self-actualization which is about psychological growth; fulfilment and satisfaction in life and Rogers’s believe that people can have a conception of themselves. I have evaluated Rogers’s therapy about its ineffectiveness in severe illness and how Maslow’s theory of self-actualization was researched from biased case studies. I have also applied Maslow’s theory of self-actualization to my personal everyday life honestly.

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