Describe Experiences As A Student Where You Have Left Satisfied With Your Growth

Describe Experiences As A Student Where You Have Left Satisfied With Your Growth

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Describe experiences as a student where you have left satisfied with your growth. What aspects accounted for this growth? Cite specific examples of the most effective approaches used in those instructional settings and what fostered their effectiveness. (More or less two pages double-spaced, 12 point font).
During my high school years, school was not a priority for me. I coasted through classes only doing enough to pass. I figured I would do the same throughout college, until I learned that that was not possible. I soon began to struggle and question whether I would be able to pass the class. After that, I made a decision to change. I began trying in school and learning to know the information and not just learn to get a good grade. The time I realized the effects of this change were in my second year Biology class with Dr. Olivey.
Dr. Olivey approached the class stating it was rare to get an A in his class, and no one has ever gotten a perfect in his class. I really didn’t think much of this, besides the fact that I wanted to do my best and be one in the few to receive an A, and I did this. Plus, I was the first one to receive a perfect. Biology is always something that has been of interest to me. I loved having the opportunity to learn more about the human body, the functions within the eco-system, and the unique characteristics amongst a variety of species. So, when studying for this class. I learned the material.
I was very satisfied with the work and effort that I put into this class and from this I learned that I could do anything that I tried for. If you do not try, you will not succeed. I believe this is the reason I was able to accomplish so much within the class. It wasn’t just a class for me. It was fun, it was en...

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...d does not need to be specifically taught in order for the students to be successful. Students will be successful because they have understanding. They will understand how numbers work rather than memorizing equations. They will understand punctuation because they grasp the concept, rather than following rules that have exceptions here and there. This conceptual understanding allows students the ability to apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts and with multiple creative solutions.
When considering such pedagogical decisions, the extra time allotted in this type of learning environment has been shown to enhance problem solving and creative thinking. I believe this type of learning is crucial for future success and a deeper understanding of knowledge. With this outlook, I feel as though I am a unique and valuable contributor to the educational environment.

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