Essay about The Descartes ' Theory Of Substance Dualism

Essay about The Descartes ' Theory Of Substance Dualism

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In this essay, I plan to defend Descartes ' theory of Substance Dualism against the objection made by Princess Elizabeth. Substance Dualism is theory which states that there are two fundamental substances, mind and body. Princess Elizabeth 's objection against Substance Dualism is based off of her idea of how the mind and body interact in order for mental causation to occur. I defend Descartes 's theory by offering my own objection against Princess Elizabeth 's idea of what causation is.
Descartes ' theory of Substance Dualism states that there are two fundamental substances, mind, and body. The mind and body are completely different from each according to Descartes. The body is an extended thing, meaning it takes up space and has surfaces.. The mind on the other hand is simply a thinking thing, and is not extended meaning that it does not take up any space nor does it have surfaces.. The mind can also exist without the body according to Descartes 's argument which follows;
1) My mind can possibly exist without my body
1.1) Conceivability entails possibility
1.2) I can imagine my mind existing without my body
2) If my mind can possibly exist without my body then my mind is not equal to my body.
2.1) Indiscernibility of Identities
3)My mind is not equal to my body
The principal of conceivability entails possibility states that if you can imagine something then it could possibly exist. For example, I could imagine that dragons exist and because I can imagine their existence then they could possibly exist. This principal allows Descartes to imagine a world where all bodies or extended things do not exist but the mind does. This is where the Indiscernibility of I...

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...ossibly exist based on the principal of conceivability entails possibility. These particles could from a chain linking the two electrons used in the experiment together. If this chain of smaller particles were to exist, Princess Elizabeth could argue that these particles are what allows the energy to be transferred from one electron to the other, by simply transferring the energy from particle to particle, causing the change we observe. These particles could strengthen Princess Elizabeth 's objection and prove Substance Dualism false. However, just because physicists have yet to determine how spooky action at a distance occurs, does not mean that it can be discredited yet. Over many years experiments like the one I described earlier have been conducted and the majority of physicists have agreed that spooky action at a distance is a naturally occurring phenomenon

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