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The idea of God was and still is quite a hot topic in philosophy; due to the nature of the debate it is unknown and unlikely if it will ever come to any sort of conclusive resolution. The debate has gone on for thousands of years so far with people taking all sorts of positions for and against and in the middle. Descartes, the great philosopher known as a father of modern philosophy was one who sided on the side of God is real through some complex and arguably circular reasoning.
Descartes is the great philosopher renowned for the phrase “I think, therefore I am.” Or cogito ergo sum. It is one of if the not the most famous phrase in all of philosophy. Descartes came up with this idea in his meditations where he reasoned that it was impossible for him to know anything was true except for the fact that he existed because he could not even think about and reason about what didn’t exist from what didanything if he himself didn’t exist. Further on in his meditations Descartes began to try and reasonasks what else he could possibly believe, presumably unsatisfied with the idea that the only thing in all the universe of all the many things
in his brain he has suspended belief in his brain
that he could possibly trust was that he existed in some form. And from there Descartes set out to prove that there were other certainties, leading him to believe that the idea of a benevolent and all powerful god whose exists existence was necessary for anything else to be true. From here, Descartes decided to set out to prove God’s existence.
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Descartes began to reason that if anything is to be believed, and there cannot be ais no hy...

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...d that god needs to exist for his logic to be trusted the “Cartesian circle” which is an accusation of using circular reasoning. Descartes himself likely would’ve said that the use of logic to prove God is impossible to doubt and therefore his proof ironically would not need God to be true,
Very nice bit of reasoning
but proving God true means that many other things can be true, and ultimately means that there is no deceiver constantly working against us and therefore it is in fact possible for us to know many more things since god wouldn’t actively work against us and prevent us from ever ascertaining knowledge or certainty as that is not a benevolent, nor a perfect thing to do. so long as we use our judgment correctly and do not come to faulty conclusions as we are prone to due to human error as a result of being imperfect ourselves.
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