Essay Descartes 's Discourse On The Mind And Body

Essay Descartes 's Discourse On The Mind And Body

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In Discourse on the Method, Descartes seeks knowledge on the differences and similarities between the mind and body. He settles in Holland and begins a philosophical investigation, where he concludes “I am thinking, therefore I exist.” He understands that he cannot doubt his own existence, and defines his conclusion as a clear and distinct perception. After this, Descartes seeks to know more about other clear and distinct conclusions he can make. In Discourse IV, Descartes uses this method of clear and distinct ideas, as well as his belief in God, to assert how the mind and the body are separate substances yet unified in the living human being.
Descartes believes that it is possible for the mind and the body to exist without each other. According to him, they are two different substances that operate in two different realms. He believes that the workings of bodily substances have extension, whereas the workings of the mind are without. Descartes explains that he clearly and distinctly understands the mind all by itself and the body all by itself. He concludes that since he can disti...

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