The Deprived Gregor Samsa in Metamophosis by Franz Kafka Essay

The Deprived Gregor Samsa in Metamophosis by Franz Kafka Essay

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In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka manifests naïveté of Gregor Samsa by prolonging his realization of societal banishment due to underexposure. Revelations made by Samsa later prove his ignorance of his purpose in the eyes of his family. In addition to the many instances in which Gregor is trialed, Kafka’s continuous stream of distractions mimic Gregor’s persona.
In sequence, the story progresses into an ultimate partial realization of Gregor’s predicament and its origins. Gregor Samsa’s obliviousness to his daily experiences, in essence, produce his present plight by allowing himself to fall farther from reality. Occurrences after the transformation collectively form reasoning for the bizarre situation Gregor remains in as a result of Kafka’s muddied plot setup. Various characters partake amongst this indirect syntax as symbols of the world Gregor is not aware of. Work takes over as Gregor stands as the sole provider, leaving him with few focuses or cares.
Awakening to find that one has somehow become a creature of great antipathy cannot be a situation taken lightly. In the beginning of the story, Gregor’s finding of the transformation is followed by irrelevant observations that divert from the bigger picture. He says to himself, “Before a quarter past seven I absolutely must be out if bed. Besides, by that time someone from the office opens before seven o’ clock.” (Kafka,11). Oddly, this is said shortly after his self discovery. If such a situation as this were to ever happen, a normal person would question how, and why, rather than how they will get to work. Kafka tactfully places Gregor’s breadwinner position in such a manner, that focus temporarily turns to his work as the story is read. Such a

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...ning. The first broadening of light in the world outside the window just entered his consciousness. Then his head sank to the floor of its own accord and from his nostrils came the last faint flicker of his breath.” (Kafka,48) Gregor’s death indicates the end to the mistreatment, but also indicates the fact that he never fully realized what had been happening for so long.
Gregor Samsa’s outcast status sent him into a short lived life as a “monstrous vermin” (Kafka,7). While his predicament may have appeared avoidable, a life of constant selflessness to the point of severe adult naïveté remains inevitable in Gregor’s case. Kafka’s portrayal of a pitiful young man’s support of his family can produce none other than the childlike thinking of Gregor Samsa.

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