Depression Through Colors And Drawing Essay

Depression Through Colors And Drawing Essay

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Depression Through Colors and Drawing
Allie Brosh is an artist who created “Depression part II” in one of her blogs, “hyperbole and a half.” The drawings are done with such little effort but give an explanation of Allie’s life leading up to her depression. The drawings as a child depict a happier time. Her imagination as a child didn 't have limits, everything was possible and no dream was to far for her to reach. One doesn 't get a warning sign of when you 'll hit an all time low. Brosh’s drawing shows a storyline of how her depression affected her. She describes her depression through drawings of her everyday life, and a heavy use very bold colors to express the darkness or bright side of the situation she’s faced. When Allie Brosh comes into realization of her depression she starts to notice a pattern of how nothing excites her and finds ways to avoid being questioned, by trying to live her everyday life and not show her worsening condition.
Allie Brosh begins her blog with drawings showing her childhood through the darkest points in her depression. In the childhood drawings s...

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