Depression: The Deadly Illness Essay

Depression: The Deadly Illness Essay

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Imagine the feeling of emptiness in life, and the feeling of nothing matters anymore. Countless people feel this way every day. A 21- year- old male felt this way and wondered if there was ever “victory over depression” (“Depression Stories” 1). At the beginning of his story, he talks about spending four years attempting to find joy. He felt like happiness was hiding from him, and as long as he kept searching it would keep on hiding. As quoted, “Like a tiger trying to catch his tail, I felt my search was not going to end well” (“Depression Stories” 1). Pleasure was what he was pursuing. His lifestyle completely changed, and he had only one rule. As quoted, “If it brought me pleasure, go for it; if it was not pleasurable, forget it” (“Depression Stories”). Eventually, he came to a place where he had an empty, meaningless life. Finally, he came to the conclusion about joy not being able to be obtained. He eventually was drained because his realization of lasting happiness not being possible brought him despair. His desire of his life became fainter while the monster, misery, had grown larger. As said, “Depression starts out seemingly harmless; a feeling of discontent -- a sense that something was lacking” (“Depression Stories”). Depression eventually became stronger, and it took on some dangerous qualities. He was not aware of where he was going, but the deeper depression took him the more dangerous it became. Death was the only way he felt he could get out because he was way in over his head. As quoted, “It’s like the Venus flytrap plant that draws the insect into its lethal caress. The poor insect goes willingly, unaware that the plant is more than it appears to be” (“Depression Stories”). He compares the Venus ...

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