Essay on Depression Is A Disease That Plagues Many

Essay on Depression Is A Disease That Plagues Many

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Seeking Help
Clinical depression is a disease that plagues many. In fact, depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. Depression is sinking. Depression is drowning in an ocean of black waves. Depression is an aching numbness that keeps the sufferer awake until the breaking dawn of morning. Depression is a slow, cold hell that so many endure without seeking the help they so desperately need. Those suffering with depression may not even realize they are depressed. This is one of many reasons one may not seek help. But when one is battling depression, even though they may not realize it, they desperately need help and the support of friends and family (and possibly medication and/or therapy). Those suffering with depression need help in order to live healthier mental, physical, and social lives.
I have lived with clinical depression myself for several years, but was only recently diagnosed in the fall of 2015. I can easily recall going to my doctor for the first time to discuss how I was feeling. I was in such a bad place that day, and the doctor’s office was the last place I wanted to be. I was at my wits end with my depression, and for the first time in my life I was admitting that I needed help. One moment is particularly vivid. I was waiting on the doctor, and for just a moment I looked up towards the white light on the ceiling, and I shut my eyes. The white, cold lights seemed so harsh; they only made me feel more alone. I told the doctor what I was feeling, and in the moment, it only made me feel worse (humiliated in a way). But as a result of my experience, I have learned that one has to always look at the big picture. Seeking help was ultimately to my upmost benefit. Living with untreated d...

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...h their relations to other people, and some days they just want to be alone. Depression evokes feelings of isolation, and it is tempting to want to shut oneself away and avoid others. But with treatment, these feelings can be alleviated. Outings with friends can be enjoyable once again. Hobbies one used to enjoy can be fun again. The inspiration can return. That “spark” of life can return.
Seeking treatment for depression can seem rather daunting, but it is the best decision one suffering can make. There is no need to feel any shame or humiliation whatsoever. Everyone goes through struggles in life, and everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Based off my personal experience, I would encourage anyone who feels depressed to seek the help they not only need but the help they deserve. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for anyone suffering with depression.

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