Essay about Depression Is a Common but Serious Illness

Essay about Depression Is a Common but Serious Illness

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All individuals experience feelings of emptiness and despair at some point in their life. When these feelings seem to consume one’s life and not disappear it can lead to depression. Depression is a common but very serious illness. This illness affects the daily activities of an individual and the people that surround them.
Depression can occur in many different ways. Major depressive episode, or major depression, is a period of intense depressed mood. This particular type of depression can occur at any age and have diverse characteristics depending on the circumstance. Individuals may experience a single episode or may have reoccurring episodes. Major depressive can affect a person’s sleep, school, work, and activities that once were enjoyable to them. The symptoms vary but may include: irritability, anhedonia, appetite or weight changes, fatigue, feeling of guilt or worthlessness, and poor concentration. In some cases, major depressive occurrences may be followed by panic attacks, tearfulness, or phobias. The etiology for this disorder is poorly understood, but is believed to have a biological foundation and familial pattern. This illness occurs in about five percent of adults in a year and is most commonly seen in women. Major depressive has a good prognosis although family history can play a role.
Another common type of depression is dysthymic, or dysthymia, is a less severe type of depressive however it is more chronic. Long-term symptoms can continue for at least a period of two years with no more than a two month period that is free of symptoms. The term “double depression” can be used when dysthymia precedes major depressive episode. Dysthymic symptoms may prevent individuals from functioning normal and feeling well. Th...

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...late. For instance, Individuals with major depressive episodes have deficits in social, work, leisure, and ADL/IADLS. Furthermore during depressive episodes a decline in habits, roles, and routines can occur. Medication is very helpful in treatment for this particular illness, although behavior modification, psychoanalysis, and group and family therapy are very successful as well. Intervention with these patients should focus solely around activities that boost self-esteem and increase motivation. Dysthymia has the same functional deficits but are less serve and more persistent. Treatment for these individuals include: medication, cognitive therapy, and psychotherapy. Overall depression affects individuals’ self-care, work, and leisure depending on which phase they are expressing. In each case, medication can help the individual but some kind of therapy is needed.

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