Depression is a Brain Disorder Essay

Depression is a Brain Disorder Essay

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The brain and emotions can do much more than help people think and feel; they can cause major problems such as depression and eating disorders. Depression is an illness that causes constant sadness. There are around seven different types of depression. Many negative effects come from depression. Eating disorders are another brain disorder that causes drastic changes in an everyday diet. The three main types of eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating. They cause extreme weight loss or weight gain; treating these brain disorders takes time, therapy, medical care and monitoring, and nutritional counseling. Disorders of the brain are very important, and knowledge and awareness needs to be spread.
"Structural, biochemical, or electrical changes in the brain and the spinal cord, or the nerves leading to or from them, may cause disorders that result in paralysis, weakness, poor coordination, seizures, or loss of sensation."(page 80, Charles Clayman) Brain disorders occur when the brain is damaged or defected. Causes vary with the different types of disorders you can have. Some major causes are trauma to the brain, strokes, small amounts of blood and oxygen in the brain that can lead to cellular death, different diseases can be causes, or inherited conditions that affect the brain. There are many different causes to the many different kinds of brain disorders.
Depression is a medical illness that causes constant sadness and lack of interest. It can affect how people think, feel, and behave. People with depression can have difficultly going on with day-to-day activities. "I experienced persistent sad and empty moods. I had a slight loss of interest in school. I was always tired. I lost my appetite; I rarely ate a de...

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