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Depression in Youths Essay

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As stated by the Health Promotion Board (2013), “Depression is a medical condition that affects how you think and behave, and the way you feel and function.” (para.2). Depression is a state of mind that affects different aspects of one’s psychological condition. Many people feel depressed at different times and for varying lengths of time; some people may experience these feelings often or with deeper, more lasting effects. In some cases, depression can last for months or even years. Those who are depressed may experience a myriad of emotions such as disappointment, hopelessness and self-hate (“A Definition of Depression”, 2007, para. 1).
In our ever-changing sociopolitical landscape, youths are called to take on more responsibilities as the government increases the emphasis on education. This gives rise to a competitive learning environment where youths learn not for enrichment but to meet expectations that parents, teachers and friends have of them. Failure to do so will lead to consequences; and consequences might lead them into depression. The causes of depression are not limited to the abovementioned, and can be a result of other circumstances that individuals find themselves in.
Reflection on personal interests in and assumptions about group
I personally feel that youths are extremely emotionally volatile as they go through phases of their life where they find it hard to control their own emotions, thoughts and speech. This often leads to them being misunderstood and at times ostracized, developing in them feelings of frustration and helplessness. By delving deeper into this topic, I am able to increase my awareness and knowledge about an issue that I am not fully familiar with. This knowledge may serve me well...

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