Essay about Depression in the Bible

Essay about Depression in the Bible

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Depression is defined as, “a mood disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty with thinking and concentration, a significant increase or decrease in appetite and time spent sleeping, feelings of dejection and hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal thoughts or an attempt to commit suicide” (Merriam Webster). A close friend of mine battles depression and would describe it is, “a debilitating mood that makes it hard to get out of the bed in the morning, a desire to sleep all the time, inability to experience joy, and apathy towards life.” Due to its prevalent occurrence among several people groups throughout history, depression is known as the “common cold of mental illnesses” and has been called “the most widespread, serious, and costly psychiatric disease afflicting humankind today” (Fairchild). Depression affects people of all ages, races, and economic as well as religious backgrounds.
When looking at the bible, one finds that even biblical characters were not immune to depressed moods. For example, Moses, Elijah, and Job became so depressed at some point during their ministries that they wished they would die (Numbers 11:15, 1 Kings 19:4, and Job 3:20-21). Jesus himself experienced great grief due to his compassion, concern, and vast sense of disappointment over the sins of the world and their fatal consequences.
Though it often goes by different names, depression infects many Christians as well. That statement may surprise some since the typical Christ follower is often pictured as a happy-go-lucky, carefree, always smiling type of individual. No one is immune to depression. Everyone goes through difficult times and if the feelings associated with these times are not dealt with properly, an individual can find h...

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... to.
As previously stated, no one is immune to depression. Jesus himself experienced sorrow, disappointment, and discouragement, but he is a remarkable example of how to deal with these emotions in a Godly manner. Christ experienced the tension of living in this fallen world while still submitting himself to the divine will of God. He did not allow his sufferings to be the cause for sin or hopelessness. When dealt with in a healthy way, these emotions can cause people to grow and make them more like Christ. Pastors will without a doubt encounter individuals battling depression. It is important for pastors to take the time and try to help someone with depression talk and work through why they are feeling this away. If a pastor has met with an individual three times and they seem to be getting nowhere, it is wise to refer the said individual to a medical professional.

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