Essay about Depression in Older People

Essay about Depression in Older People

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Mental illnesses are increasing at an alarming rate worldwide and is one of the significant health problems of today’s world.This essay will present the manifestation of ‘depression in an elderly client in a community mental health setting. Depression among the elderly differs from depression in the younger adults which are accompanied by physical symptoms and co-morbidities rather than emotional symptoms. The presentation of these somatic conditions make the diagnosis of depression difficult in older people and therefore requires the identification of differences in symptoms of depression and coexisting somatic conditions. Depression is associated with significant reduction in cognitive abilities of the elderly. Furthermore decreased in physical and social activities are accompanied. To address the multidimensional effects of the depression in older people.
Lily Smith is a 75 years old women living with her husband in her house. She was presented with eight weeks of worsening low mood, fleeting suicidal thoughts, somatic complaints such as tiredness, throat and chest tightness, diarrhea, decreased concentration and anxiety regarding physical health. The client also stated having fragmented sleep and poor appetite. Mrs Lily appeared anxious and teary and sat close to her husband holding his hand. Mrs Lily was cooperative to establish a rapport and was constantly seeking reassurance. Mrs Lily expressed feeling of hopelessness and stated that she does not see herself getting better. Further Mrs Lily stated ‘nothing seems to be working for me.’ Mrs Lily expressed fleeting thoughts of ending her life by taking all her medications but nil intention to do so.

Mrs Lily has a very supportive husband who she had married for the last ...

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...and therefore management of the coexisting conditions would decrease the burden on the client. Monitoring thyroid function and assessment of throat pain is done as part of the nursing care. Medication management and non-pharmacological interventions were implemented to manage the condition of the client. The current medication must be reviewed by the doctor as polypharmacy increases the risk of depression and drug interactions and increases the risk of noncompliant with the medications. The first step in providing nursing care to this client involves a risk assessment and monitoring. This will help in risk reduction of succeed or harm from self-neglet. Providing medication and psychotherapy is another aspect of nursing care provided to the client. Education to the patient and her husband about depression and it’s treatment will help to alleviate depressive symptoms.

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