Depression And Suicide : A Growing Epidemic Essay

Depression And Suicide : A Growing Epidemic Essay

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Depression and Suicide: A Growing Epidemic
We’ve all had that friend who always seemed kind of aloof and out of it, but what if it was for more than attention, which so many people desperately beg for? What if they honestly just couldn’t help it? Sometimes people can’t just decide to be happy. Depression and suicide within American high schools is an increasing problem across the nation, there are over 4,000 deaths by suicide every year. Approximately, 14% of students have considered suicide and about 7% have tried to commit suicide. Suicide is a direct result of on-going sadness and untreated depression. Roughly, 20% of teens will experience depression of some sort while in high school. Some main components are stress, anxiety, and an unhealthy diet.
Often depression symptoms are mistaken for laziness or acting out for attention. Depression is a psychological disorder caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain that leads to a feeling of worthlessness, lack of energy, or wants to do anything. High school students with depression tend to be withdrawn from family and friends; they act out and show a lack of energy, no matter how much sleep they get (Spotting Depression page 1). Health and amount exercise has a massive impact on their mental well-being. Not getting the correct amount of nutrients or lacking vitamins and/or sleep can greatly increase the chances of depression. In addition, too much sugar may result in higher risk for depression among adolescents (Teen Health page 1). That being said, most people who struggle with depression also struggle with other health issues, such as high cholesterol, eating disorders, or thyroid disorders. When students are depressed or suicide, grades tend to drop and they tend to “give up” beca...

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...(Rx for Depression, Anxiety page 1).
Yearly testing could also help early diagnosis and should you test positive, it could help you connect with a trained professional to assist you with steps towards recovery (Depression a Serious Concern page 1). Early intervention is the key to preventing suicide or other violent tendencies. Teen years are definitely hard enough without the added weight of a mental illness. Although false positives happen, they are rare. We must acknowledge the fact that no disease or illness can be sidestepped completely.
Prevention education is the best solution because it will help the patients understand their situation and diagnosis better and help colleagues understand them from a better viewpoint. Depression is far easier to prevent than it is to treat; it is much easier to overcome when you understand the causes and effects of depression.

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