Depression And Anxiety : The Most Common Cases Of Mental And Behavioral Conditions

Depression And Anxiety : The Most Common Cases Of Mental And Behavioral Conditions

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Depression and anxiety were the most common cases of mental and behavioural conditions in the country. In the year 2011-2012, there were 13.60 % or 3 million Australians that was reported to have mental disorder, a significant increase from 9.6% in 2001 and 11.2% in 2007-08 (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012). This includes depression which is the highest accounts to 9.7% or 2.1 million, followed by anxiety which is 3.8% or 850,100 cases. In addition, psychological distress decreases slightly by age, therefore there is lower percentage of people having mental and behavioural problems as they grow old. Depression and anxiety are interrelated, which means anxiety can lead to depression or the other way around. In 2007, young adults age 16-24 were reported to have affective disorders, 4.3% on males and 8.4% females, for that reason, female have twice higher incidence than men, in other words that 3 in 100 for men and 1 in 10 women age experienced depression (Black Dog Institute, 2012).
In recent report by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) (2015), from 2013 to 2014, there were 9.7 million hospitalisations, 382,000 have mental and behavioural problems and 96,000 were admitted due to depression. Specific high risk groups, such as, Aboriginal and Torres Islander age 16-24 years have higher psychological distress which is estimated for about 31% of them and majority are females than males (35% and 26%, respectively) (AIHW, 2011). Low socio economic status have higher rate of depression than those living in a higher social economic status (13% and 9% respectively) (AIHW, 2015). Living arrangements, for example, one parent with children have higher percentage which is 34% than couple with children. People who live alone...

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...nd seclusions. David still have the right to choose either voluntarily or involuntarily seek help, it would be difficult for the health team if the patient is not entirely cooperating, a nurse is ideally a partner to work together with David for his welfare. The next legal issues about David is confidentiality, when he decided that his family should not know anything about his condition and what they have discuss. Confidentiality is a principle of therapeutic relationship, consumers is made aware that all necessary information should be shared with the team (Elder et al., 2012). His family is a significant factor and considered part of the team and will play a big role for his wellbeing and safety. Apart from this, anyone who can contribute for his benefit should also be informed, in this case, friends, colleagues and his relationship with her most recent girlfriend.

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