Depression: A Mental Health Condition Essay

Depression: A Mental Health Condition Essay

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Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health related situations and events that impact a community (McKenzie, Pinger, & Kotecki, 2008). A common state that impacts a community is depression. Depression is a mental health condition that affects people of all ages. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (2011), depression is described by a state of sadness and hopelessness. Some symptoms of depression include no interest in daily activities, fatigue, inability to perform daily tasks, loss of appetite, and thoughts of suicide (CDC, 2011). There are two main forms of depression. The two types are dysthymia and major depression (CDC, 2011). Dysthymia is a type of depressive disorder that usually continues up to two years. This type of depression is of "low-grade mood impairment" which does not have a severe and long-lasting impairment on an individual's moods (CDC, 2011, para. 5). The population that is most affected by dysthymia are children and adolescents. Many who suffer from dysthymia can develop a more serious form of depression, which is major depression (CDC, 2011). The symptoms related to major depression include restlessness, difficulty concentrating on daily activities, feeling of helplessness, decreased energy, attempts and thoughts of suicide. The most serious consequence of major depression is suicide (CDC, 2011; NIMH, 2011). As stated by the CDC, "depression poses a substantial burden globally-" (CDC, 2011, para. 2). Friends and family of a person suffering from depression are also affected. Relationships amongst an individual and their supported networks diminishes as the individual suffering from depression withdraws from society and becomes isolated (CDC, 2011, para. 2...

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