Depression : A Common Misconception Essay

Depression : A Common Misconception Essay

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Depression is a common misconception. People get two terms confused with each other, depression and temporary sadness. Temporary sadness is the feeling you feel after an event of misfortune and makes one feel damaged and devastated inside. You tend to express your misery to society in a much more open way, than someone with depression would, because they are willing to talk about how they feel inside. Depression is a much more commonly used word for the phrase, permanent sadness. Instead of depression being caused by an event of misfortune, depression is an illness that affects your day to day life. Many describe it as being slumped in deep dejection. And unlike temporary sadness, someone who suffers from depression is not for one moment going to discuss his or her daily struggle with this illness. They never express it, not even to the ones they care about the most. This is what makes this illness so destructive to one’s hope in living their life to the full potential that every human should have a right to.

I studied a video not long before I started to right this project on depression, by a truly inspiring man called Kevin Briggs (right). Kevin was an California Highway Patrol Officer, who worked on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge, otherwise known as “Death Bridge”, is notorious for the 1,200 people who have taken their own lives by jumping off the bridge since it’s opening in 1937. Kevin came in contact with around two people a month attempting to take their life, which on almost every occasion, Kevin managed to dissuade them from jumping. There had only ever been two times where Kevin was unable to dissuade the victim of depression from jumping off the bridge. One of these men was called Jaso...

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...ession, with over £400 million of ring-fenced spending to help treat people with depression and anxiety in 2011, which has increased since then. And this has covered for the £105 million direct costs from depression and anxiety implemented on the government.

So to conclude this essay, depression is an pandemic illness affecting more than 350 million people worldwide. Symptoms are demoralising for those suffering from the illness and friends and family members surrounding the victim. And for me, the stigma behind depression is still phenomenal, and needs to change drastically before it escalates beyond management. Why should people have to hide the fact that they are suffering? Why should society judge those who suffer from mental illness? I do hope change comes in the foreseeable future. After all, you wouldn’t want one of your family members taking their own lives.

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