Depletion of Our Natural Resources Essay

Depletion of Our Natural Resources Essay

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Imagination a world without Oil, Water, Iron, coal, etc. you sit down to make some coffee you don’t have no water to make it! *Gasp* With no natural resources you can't do nothing! You would die, animals would die, everything will die! We couldn't create anything so Earth would be counterproductive. Depletion Of Natural Resources causes many problems all over the world that are caused by overpopulation that needs to be addressed.
Depletion Of Natural Resources is a problem that is affected all over the world but there is major regions that are affected by this problem. China is a big area affected by this problem because of all the overpopulation there. There is 1.351 billion people in china and with increasing population we will run out of natural resources. The united states of america is another major user of the natural resources, with only 313.9 million the USA is one of the biggest users of natural resources due to industrial and commercial business, So therefore population affects these areas greatly! The USA is the biggest user but there the smallest!
Every year the worl...

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