The Dependence On Hard Core Drugs Essay

The Dependence On Hard Core Drugs Essay

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The dependence on hard core drugs in the United States is on a continuous climb. Heroin is the leading reason for this. Considered by many to be the hardest of hard drugs, thus making heroin a very popular choice among drug addicts. Heroin is a narcotic produced from the opium of the poppy plant and poses a serious risk to society. Since it could be injected, snorted or smoked heroin also causes health complications and the possibility of death. Sadly, none of that matters to an addict because they only want their next fix. A century ago the doctors who developed heroin were only hoping for a way to help patients, they were unaware their new found medicine would lead to decades of addiction, abuse, health problems and even death for many.

Heroin is not a new drug that just showed up during the 1960’s. As early as, 1810 morphine an opium derivative was being used and marketed as a wonder drug for pain. However, many patients developed an addiction problem as a result of using morphine. Around 1874, heroin, considered a new drug and the answer to the morphine addiction was invented by a German physician. This new wonder drug was imported to America shortly after its invention. (Heilig) (Narconon) Physicians in America thought this new drug was the solution to the increasing number of morphine addicted patients. The new wonder drug was very appealing to doctors as it was marketed as safe and non-addictive alternative to morphine. (Narconon). Sales of heroin were unregulated therefore, heroin was administered to kids and adults for all types of physical and mental ailments. By the 1920, Congress began to recognize the danger associated with heroin and other drugs. The Dangerous Drug Act was enacted with new laws that deemed these ...

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...useated, which possibly puts them at risk of aspirating if they become too disoriented. Users who do not inject the drug may not experience the initial rush, but the other health related effects are the same. Additional effects of heroin may include hypotension, muscle spasms, convulsions and possibly even dying. Further medical complications that may arise due to heroin us include collapsed veins, abscesses at the injection site, and inflammation of the heart lining and values.

The use of heroin has grown greatly in the past decades. Many people from rock superstars, movie stars and the everyday average person has been caught with the drug. Becoming an addict is unimaginable for most individuals who experiment with them. Unfortunately, almost everyone knows at least one person who gave into the curiosity and tried a quick shot or snort and became hooked on drugs.

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