Essay on The Department Of Motor Vehicles

Essay on The Department Of Motor Vehicles

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The Department of Motor Vehicles is an organization charged with a large number of duties to execute while dealing with a great number of customers each day. Some duties performed are the administration of state vehicular titles, licenses, registration, the collecting of wheel tax, and vehicle related property tax. The Department of Motor Vehicles is operated under the archetypical bureaucracy, where the decision making process drops down the organization to the professional who have the specific training in making the required decisions. The workers at the Department of Motor vehicles are all well trained in their jobs, and administer the rules and regulations of the state. The characteristics of the ideal leader to operate such a complex and fast paced organization the ideal leader’s characteristics would be found using transformational leadership.
Using transformational leadership characteristic, the style of leadership that transforms followers to rise above their self-interest by altering their morale, ideals, interests, and values motivating them to perform better than expected, the leader will be able to successfully and effectively lead the Department of Motor Vehicles (Pieterse, Van Knippenberg, Schippers, M. & Stam, 2010). As the leader of the Department of Motor Vehicles using transformational leadership will allow him to act as a strong role model, create the vision of the organization, and understand the organizational culture. The leader of the department needs to build a clear organizational culture of collaboration based on structured values like integrity and fairness, while instilling in the employees the need for achievement and encouraging them to reach organizational goals. The leader by leading by example wi...

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... leader of the Department of Motor Vehicles choosing transformational leadership to guide him through the fast paced environment will prove to be beneficial, and would be the ideal characteristics to use. Transformational leadership enables leaders to implement their vision to inspire employees, influence organizational goals, act as role models, and provide a means of achievement. The leader of the Department of Motor Vehicles capable of following the transformational leadership behaviors presented will represent a notion of charismatic leadership, influencing and guiding employees through an effective and successful organization. The leader of the Department of Motor Vehicles using the six dimensions of transformational leadership, the leader will be capable of operating with quality performance will have greater abilities to be successful and an effective leader.

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