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The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provides important services to Nebraskans. DHHS is Nebraska’s largest state agency, responsible for nearly one-third of state government in terms of its approximate 5,500 employees and over three billion-dollar budget. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Courtney Phillips directs the responsibilities and work of the department with direct oversight of six divisions and eight operational areas. The six division include Children and Family Services, Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, Medicaid, Public Health, and Veterans’ Homes. The eight operational areas include Communications and Legislative Services, Information Systems and Technology, Legal Services, Human Resources and Development, Support Services, Internal Audit and Operations Consulting.
DHHS Human Resources and Development (HRD) provides support to employees and managers across the state, including staffing requests for position reclassification and salary grade adjustments; analysis of staffing plans; payroll, workers’ compensation and benefits; employee and labor relations; employee recognition, recruitment, selection, placement, retention and succession planning; and the Employee Assistance Program. Human Resources is responsible for training, development, leadership and supervisory training, and meeting and team facilitation. The mission of DHHS Human Resources is to “promote a diverse, skilled, productive workforce which provides support to the Department of Health and Human Services where everyone is valued, respected, and treated fairly.”
Through its overall agency strategic planning/business plan development process, the CEO – Courtney Phillips and Director of Human Resources, Lisa Taylor-Jones hav...

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...over rate, voluntary turnover, involuntary turnover, employee satisfaction rates, turnover costs, absence rates, time to fill, recruiting source yield, recruiting source cost per hire, FTE and open position count, hiring cycle time, offer acceptance rate, average performance of new hires, voluntary termination rate in first year, involuntary termination rate in first year, first year turnover cost, manager and HR staff satisfaction with recruitment process (indicates agreement and value). Institutionalization of organizational change will be established by linking philosophy, strategy, and structure.
Institutionalization of organizational and departmental processes and success of intervention strategy will require the support of stakeholders and leadership in aligning new systems and roles for a more engaged staff and efficient work process. A clear and consistent

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