Dentistry : A Successful Field For A Life Time Essay examples

Dentistry : A Successful Field For A Life Time Essay examples

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Dentistry is a huge successful field to consider working in for a life time. It can benefit the dentist financially and emotionally. The steps of becoming a dentist can be very difficult and expensive. The expenses include the cost of college, dental school, and supplies. Most struggle to pay back loans that was used to pay for college. The question that is raised is if the expenses are worth becoming an orthodontist. Orthodontics make a lot of money and seem as if they have a joyful job helping others. The pay from this specialized dentist will surely pay back student loans with no problem.
Dentistry is involved in the study of diseases or disorders of the oral cavity. A person who specializes in this field is called a dentist. Dentistry has been performed for centuries and although it is not a certain date of the beginning, historians have an idea of where it began. Dental ailments were being treated as long ago about the time of Roman occupation (55BC—410AD). Many believe that Scribonius Largus, the surgeon who accompanied Emperor Claudius in AD43, treated dental ailments as well as surgical duties. Cornelius Celcu wrote about oral diseases as well as dental treatment among his centuries. A small instrument similar to the forceps described by CELSUS (30BC) (p 806), found among the archaeological remains of the time, is responsible as being brought to Britain by Largus. Ancient Greek scholars wrote how the forceps were used to extract teeth while wires were used to stabilize the teeth. A “dentist” was easy to find in the cities because there was little to no skill needed to perform any dental situation on someone. Often the procedures were performed by barbers or basic physicians. They would play music to ...

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...r material was gold because it was very flexible, but many could not afford it which lead to the popularity of silver. Silver was significantly cheaper although it was not as flexible as gold. The technique changed about the 1970s when adhesive was discovered. The adhesive allowed the orthodontist to stick the brackets directly on teeth instead of wrapping it around the teeth. Later orthodontist discovered stainless steel, which was affordable and flexible. Lowering the cost of the orthodontic procedure allows many an opportunity to perfect their smiles. About the late 1990s, clear braces are discovered so that people teeth can straighten without anyone knowing they have braces on. They appeared as a clear align of your teeth; it could not be seen. The history of orthodontics will continue to flourish because more improvements of the specialized field is yet to come.

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