Denny Is A Class Student Who Comes From A Low Income Family Essay

Denny Is A Class Student Who Comes From A Low Income Family Essay

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Denny is a 5th grade student who comes from a low-income family located in the inner-city area. Both of his parents work full time and have very little time to work with their children when it comes to academics. It has recently come to Denny’s teacher’s attention that he has behavioral and academic difficulties. One strength Denny has is his social ability, he has many friends and knows how to make other children laugh. Denny has many weaknesses such as lack of respect, he has trouble following directions and he isn’t very responsible. The desired behaviors targeted through self-monitoring are respecting others by keeping his hands and feet to himself, using nice words, and asking to use other people’s things. Another desired behavior is Denny being more responsible, that can be targeted through self-monitoring by being on time, bringing the items needed in class, and cleaning up after himself. Lastly, we want Denny to improve when it comes to following directions. This can be targeted by listening to what Denny is being asked to do, asking the correct questions if need be, and starting a task when asked.
The intervention we chose was “how to teach students to change behaviors through self-monitoring.” Self-monitoring has two concepts; first, “the child will be able to measure and record his or her own behavior.” And secondly, “compares that recorded behavior to a predetermined standard.” (Loftin, Gibb, & Skiba, 2005) Self-monitoring can be done in a variety of ways. But the technique involves sitting down with the student, helping them to define the behavior or behaviors to address, and choosing and implementing an intervention or system by which the student can keep track of his or her own behavior and progress toward the b...

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...nt skills wherever they go, and overall students can become more confident in themselves in either their academic or behavioral areas. Probably the biggest advantage to self-monitoring is that it requires the student to be an active participant in the intervention, with the added responsibility for measuring and evaluating his or her behaviors. A couple disadvantages to self-monitoring might be the student becoming too independent, thinking that they are in control. Another disadvantage could be the students missing the link between behavior and instruction.
When implemented the correct way, self-monitoring can greatly help students refocus and get their act together. Whether students have behavioral or academic issues in the classroom, this intervention can cater to their needs and eventually help them become the student their family and teacher want them to be.

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