Essay on Denial of Service Attack

Essay on Denial of Service Attack

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Located in Seattle Washington, the iPremier company is a web-based commerce company founded in 1996 by two students from Swarthmore College. Since its founding, iPremier has registered a success story in e-commerce selling vintage, luxury and rare goods over the internet. Customers use their credit cards to transact business online. With impressive sales and profit margins, iPremier is among the few companies who survived the 2000 technical stock recession (Austin, 2007).
Management at iPremier consists of young employees who were its pioneers and a number of experienced managers recruited over time. The company’s working atmosphere is dynamic with strong values of professionalism, discipline, commitment to results delivery and partnership for profits achievements (Austin, 2007). iPremier’s management orientation is on “do what it takes” to have projects done on schedule.
Being a web-based commerce company, iPremier had contracted Qdata to provide the majority of their computing equipment and internet connectivity (Austin, 2007). Qdata, though not a leading industry in information technology was selected due to its close proximity to iPremier’s company headquarters.
iPremier once suffered a denial of service attack on 12th January 2007 that almost rendered the company’s site nonfunctional (Austin, 2007). Denial of service attack can be defined simply as an attempt to prevent the availability of computer resources to its legitimate users (Encyclopedia Britannica). This is achieved through halting an internet site or service from working efficiently, temporarily or permanently. Hackers had launched the denial of service attack on iPremier but luckily it was launched either by a script-kiddie or a competitor trying to ...

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...sing disk space to enable high logging levels, and updating virus signature files and other security patches (Keri and Carol, 2010). The company also needs to come up with a well designed and documented recovery plan. Last, the Company needs to educate its staff about security and threats.

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