Essay on The Dengue Virus is Affecting The Health of Millions Worldwide

Essay on The Dengue Virus is Affecting The Health of Millions Worldwide

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Dengue fever affects the health of millions of individual’s worldwide living in tropical and subtropical areas. This virus has swiftly spread across the world and has caused an endemic in all WHO regions, except the European region and Indonesia (Bouri et al., 2012) . The occurrence of dengue fever around the world has increased dramatically with over 2.3 million reported cases in 2010 from South-east Asia, North and South America and the Western Pacific. In 2013, 2.35 million cases of dengue were reported from the Americas alone (“WHO | Dengue and severe dengue,” n.d.).
Dengue cases are not prevalent in the United States and cases that are reported within the country are either acquired outside of the country or are from immigrants and travelers. In the United States, dengue fever is listed as a reportable disease and all diagnosed cases are required to be reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although dengue cases within the United States are not as high as those in other countries, the elevated outbreaks in Puerto Rico have caused a huge s...

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