Demonic References in The Bible Essay

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From deep within a dark cave on the opposite side of Galilee in the country of the Gadarenes the most hideous cry emanated. The cry was an audible sign for all travelers to keep clear of the haunted tombs. Those who knew better feared the shadowy figure that lurked there hidden within the rocks. There were stories being circulated that told the tale of an unconstrained madman who could not be held captive. With herculean strength he had repeatedly broken every restraint that his captors had executed. He not only easily freed himself from their tightly held bounds of shackles and chains, but had become an unpredictable lunatic on the loose.
It was demons that had driven him into the barren wilderness. He had been a long time possessed by evil spirits. He had often made the most blood curdling sounds from deep within his assigned abyss. His cries reverberate across the land. The unclean spirits frequently seized hold of him with maddening force tortured him. He was like a puppet on their strings, being constantly preyed upon by unseen entities. They took great pleasure in making him to cut deep wounds within his flesh with jagged rocks and sharp edged stones.
One day something unusual happened to the possessed man of Gardara. He left his dark tombs and entered the sunlight. He had the most dreadful visage. In a bizarre way he had decided to run nakedly towards the boat that had just landed upon the shore. What did he hope to accomplish by his naked appearance? A closer look revealed a twisted and contorted face with a body that contained many bloody contusions and deep embedded scars. He not only looked hideous, but he even also had a foul smell. He reeked with the stench of death.
The demoniac was on a run, singling out a man w...

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...nless they find a man or woman to inhabit. We also learn that an exorcised man might even become worse than when he was first possessed. The story goes on to reveal that seven other spirits more wicked than the first, came along with the first demon and gone back to once exorcised man’s body and made a new home. The last state of the exorcised man became worse than the first state.
It is a fact that we must remember that demons apart from the human body are not at ease but walk about through dry places, seeking rest but finding none. How thirsty they must feel outside someone’s body. Somehow demons attach themselves to a host and remain within them. To find a desirable host, the demons have a criterion to establish residence. It must be empty, swept, and garnished. To them a body meeting these conditions is the most enticing and alluring dwelling place to enter.

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