Demographics And Economics Of The U.s. What Comes You Mind When Thinking Education?

Demographics And Economics Of The U.s. What Comes You Mind When Thinking Education?

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Demographics and Economics in the U.S.

What comes to mind when thinking education? Is it grades? Is it tests? Is it homework? How about money and the people who possess it. How do the economies of each demographic affect the education they receive and what can be done to equalize education across all demographics? To go about solving this problem, we should first examine and analyze the issues that give rise to the problem. From a higher education standpoint, one component is for-profit colleges. These institutions place importance on the cash received from students rather than education and experience given to their students. Here, pupils are treated more like customers rather than students. (Tierney). Additionally the cost of tuition has increased eighteen percent in thirty years (Bernasek). These two integral parts of the problem are obviously difficult to the lower income demographic portions of America since they do the required money to attend these higher educations. Secondly an additional part of the problem faces is the amount of technology school systems use. In recent years the use of budget dedicated to technology has increased fifteen percent (Staples). This is problematic for the lower income families of the Unites States because it puts emphasis on resources that may not available or difficult to access. In this paper we are going to discuss cost of higher educations and how they bar poorer demographics from entering these schools. Additionally we are going to look at the primary and secondary educations in our technology filled world and how it is increasingly integrated into our education systems.
Higher educations are more and more being notoriously known for their ridiculously high ...

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...vantage of scholarships and benefits one can even the playing field for themselves and essentially “beat the system”.

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