The Demographic Transition Model Analysis Essay

The Demographic Transition Model Analysis Essay

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In 2050, Argentina will be in stage four of the demographic transition model. This proposes that the population growth will be approach zero, and Argentina will sustain an unvarying population. Most of Europe, Japan, and the United States are perpetually in stage four. Argentina will then be considered a developed country with most people in the working age group, with a tumbling birth rate. This can be seen in the 2050 graph when the sides of the “pyramid” begin to straighten out or become inverted all together. Eventually in the future, as the birth rate maintains a steady decline and fewer children are being born, pronatalist policies will have to be put in motion. As the population becomes older, there will not be enough working age adults to care for the elderly. This can be seen in the population pyramid of 2050 and even farther into the future when there are more elderly than working age adults. Some policies that can be put into play would be paying for schooling for children or even tax exemptions for each child a couple has. A possible draw back of this policy would be the influx of children that would in turn take women out of the work force leaving a deficit in the working age adults.
In conclusion, Argentina is an interesting country when it comes to its population and demographic indicators. For the most part, Argentina can be thought as an “average” country in the mid to late third stage of the demographic transition model. Meaning that it is a developed country, with a declining birth rate and an expansive working age group. Eventually, Argentina will make its way into the fourth stage of the demographic transition model and experience stabilization within its population. With this being said, Argentina will ...

... middle of paper ... population pyramids show another story.
Argentina has a rich history dating back to the 16th Century. As time passes, Argentina continues to prove itself as one of the most developed countries in South America. Most of Argentina’s demographic indicators lie within the world average, while the population pyramid shows a more developed country. By looking at all the demographic aspects of Argentina, it can be seen that Argentina will emerge to be one of the most developed countries within the next century.

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