Demographic Information Of Preliminary Protective Order Petitioners Essay

Demographic Information Of Preliminary Protective Order Petitioners Essay

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This study compares demographic information of preliminary protective order petitioners who have experienced domestic violence in Chesterfield County and have subsequent criminal warrants against abusers with those without. To evaluate any significant differences amongst race, localities, and rate in which orders are granted, denied or dismissed. Key variables in this study are service use and intimate partner violence. The definition of service use is the extent to which an individual is making use of services already available. Domestic violence is a physical, sexual, or psychological harm to a current or former partner or spouse
This study utilized nonprobability convenience sampling to analyze approximately 805, domestic violence victims (male=122, female=683) in Chesterfield County who sought a preliminary protective order between January 2013 and December 2015. Chesterfield County Chesterfield County Juvenile and Domestic Relations (JDR) Court Services Unit (CSU) screened all individuals. Several key criteria were required for inclusion in the sample. Petitioners (i.e. victims) must be primary residents of Chesterfield County or the incident in which the individual is reporting had to have occurred within the jurisdiction of Chesterfield County. Participants encompass all those who meet the court definition of domestic violence and are divided into two subcategories those with and without subsequent pending warrants.
The domestic violence advocate obtained information at the consent of the petitioner or guardian of the petitioner for evaluation. The research excluded identifying information such as names and exact addresses to ensure confidentiality. No information was recorded on how individuals were informed...

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...ers who assess their completed form. If they meet all criteria for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and obtainment of a protective order, the intake officer then completes the standardized petition form and attaches the narrative written by the petitioner. The officer then swears in the complainant to the accuracy of the information they provided. The intake officer then provides all completed petition form to the domestic violence advocate for record keeping. Individuals that do not have law enforcement involvement or active warrants then meet with the domestic violence advocate. The domestic violence advocate conducts further assessments. Advocate seeks informed consent of new information obtained. The DV advocate then follows the case and retrieves the record of protective order outcomes and duration. The domestic violence database houses all information.

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