Demographic Changes During 1918 in Malta Essay

Demographic Changes During 1918 in Malta Essay

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Analyze the demographic changes during the year 1918 in Malta at the end of the First World War.

Malta Government Gazettes 1918

Literature review.

This is an official record book, which is a day -to -day analysis of the year 1918. It insists of a number of tables and statistics analysis, which makes it rich in information. It is written by both languages English and Italian, both being official languages in that period. The content is quite varied which includes a lot of different entries. The databases are mainly quantitate as many figures are given. Apart from the databases, it also has texts, as it is a reported government newspaper. Mainly it consists of populations, infectious disease, births and interest rates and agriculture which are the fulcrum of what demography is all about. The Government Gazettes of 1918 are a report of government statistics that were collected to have an overview analysis of the population.


Malthus, social theory concentrates on population. His line of thought points out that our ability to produce children will always outstrip our ability to provide energy for their survival. Malthus being a liberal thinker advocated the balance between agricultural production with population growth. Furthermore, he also stressed ecological contexts in which all economists work in terms of resources and their distribution. Malthus was related to the population as he asserted that when tacking economics we are tackling with the struggle of existence. Food and sex led to fertility and a growth in population. Malthus asserts that geometric progression was an element of each population whilst food grows at a rate of arithmetic progression. If left in its natural state population wou...

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...ting during that time and the reasons why.

Reports on the working of government departments during the financial year 1919-1920.

It is a government report and it is similar to the Malta Government Gazettes 1918. I used this book, even though it is based on 1919-20, because it has a lot of comparatives with the year 1918-1919 which is the analysis of this assignment. I found several statistics and written evidence on disease, birth rates and infant mortality and agriculture.

Regional History for National Archive, Last Accessed: 25th May 2014

Frank W. Elwell, Rogers State University

I used this website in order to get an insight of Malthus view of the population theory. Last Accessed: 25th May 2014

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