The Democratic Reconstruction Era During The Civil War Essay

The Democratic Reconstruction Era During The Civil War Essay

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The Republican reconstruction era happen during the time of 1865 to 1877 right after the civil war. From the end of the civil war into the early twentieth-century the reconstruction was a success and a failure in its efforts to establish civil rights for African Americans. The reconstruction era became a failure, the government fail to give African Americans equal rights and protection. But later on in history, historians notice that reconstruction was a success with the addition of the 14th and 15th amendment to the constitution.
To start of the government failed to enforce equal rights to African Americans. Inspire by the “Slave codes” the government created the “Black Codes” in 1865. Black codes were designed to limit civil rights to African Americans. (Voices of Freedom Pg. 312-315) Violating the free labor principles that were established in Johnson 's reconstruction Act. Black codes consist it on; yearly labor contracts, no vagrant policy, tax-pay policy, no rent or lease policy from a black providers, no marriage between white or black individuals policy, an annual fee of eight thousand and sixty six dollars, and no African American should owned any gun or knife unless their enroll in the military or police force. No black individual should commit an act of; affrays, trespass, malicious mischiefs, cruel treatment to animals, seditious of speeches, insultings gestures, assault any person, disturb the peace, and much more policies. If any of this felonies were to be committed by an African American the consequences were severe Black codes gave priority to white individuals, if for example an African American was found as a vagrant they will have ten days to pay a fine of fifty dollars and a white men will be given a time p...

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... in their color, race, or ethnicity. At the time of the first reconstruction African Americans were not given equal rights or voting rights. In the 1960’s and 1970’s when the “second reconstruction” became a success. Historians looked back and notice that the first reconstruction was just the first step to give African Americans equal rights and voting rights. (The meaning of reconstruction Pg. 303-304)
As you can see from the end of the civil war into the early twentieth-century the reconstruction was a success and a failure in its efforts to establish civil rights for African Americans. The reconstruction era became a failure, the government fail to give African Americans equal rights and protection. But later on in history, historians notice that the reconstruction era was a success with the addition of the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment to the constitution.

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