The Democratic Party : Hilary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Essay

The Democratic Party : Hilary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Essay

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A New Era in America
It is the time of year again that Americans have to decide who they want as their new President. Some points voters need to have in consideration while thinking of electing a new President are issues that occur with immigration, education, and the economy. Those are a few issues a president has to deal with, in an everyday situation, as the president of our country. Here are a handful of Presidential Candidates running for office for the year 2016. For the Democratic Party: Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. For the Republican Party: Chris Christie and Rand Paul. The similarities and differences of the Democratic and Republican Party Candidates, and how they face the issues of our country, display the way they will serve our country.
Hilary Clinton is probably the most recognizable of these four candidates. Unlike any of the other candidates, Clinton has been around the white house for a majority of her political career. Hilary Clinton served as the first lady to her husband, former President Bill Clinton. She also served as Secretary of State for the current President Barack Obama. Clinton has stated that she believes in a fair immigration system. She believes that every family has a place in this country and a right to citizenship. With that being said, Clinton will offer immigrants a path to citizenship. In addition, Clinton will rely on a comprehensive immigration reform; this will lead to treating everyone with dignity, upholding the rule of law, and protecting our borders as well as our national security, which states in addition that it will strengthen our families, economy, and above all our country. ( Another issue Clinton is tempting to handle is e...

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...lly give his thoughts of what he would do to help our country with this situation. As president, he will balance our budget by cutting spending especially areas that better run by state and local governments. He declares that as president he will work to authorize common sense solutions that will solve our nation’s fiscal crisis. (
American’s decision to choose the president of our country will not only affect our future but also our children’s future. So as you view these issues think of whom the best person would be to best represent our country. Think of how you would want our country to look like in four years. Whichever Candidate you choose whether it could be Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chris Christie, or Rand Paul. This choice can be decided by you based on whom you vote for as the President of the United States.

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