Democratic Parties in the US: A Personal Opinion Essay

Democratic Parties in the US: A Personal Opinion Essay

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Before researching any of the political parties I really thought I was Democratic, mostly because Obama is Democratic. I wasn’t really aware of what anything meant nor how it was effecting us as a country and the democrat sponsors made it sound good. After doing some research my eyes were opened and I now realize that the Democratic Party really wasn’t what I thought it was.
One of the main things I came to dislike about the Democrats was the fact they support abortion, I strongly disagree with this type of mentality and really upsets me. Although the Democrats say they wanna help the lower class men, they really aren’t, hiring taxes and causing inflations does not help. The Democratic Party are all for raising certain taxes to provide money for a lot of government spending, which according to them will generate business. Creating new and higher taxes will not create jobs. Needless to say, we can already see what a great job Obama is doing at fixing the government right? No. If this continues, the government debt will rise to such a level that a person's income will be completely taxed away to pay for it. I soon came to the conclusion that Democrats was not for me.
After figuring out what was wrong with the Democrats I moved on to the Republicans. Now, I did quite a bit of research on this party and was somewhat liking it. They did not support abortion which was great, they don’t support gay marriage either, but honestly that does not affect me whatsoever. The believe that taxes should not be increased for anyone, this includes the wealthy, and wages should be set by the free market. So far it was sounding pretty good, but as expected I found a flaw. Republicans believe we should increase spending on all areas of the military....

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...and has its goods. I’ve chosen to go for the green party because the majority of there beliefs I agree with as opposed to the other parties. I feel that the Green Party really wants to be the party of the people rather than for the people. They give of more of the justice vibe, rather than “just us”. In all reality the Democrats and Republicans are one in the same. Although they are said to be different but if you look closely they really aren’t. Their beliefs are worded differently but in the end, they all want the same thing, money and power. We want change and are always begging for change, yet don’t take the first step. Change begins with us and I say The Green Party will bring us that change, a democracy begins when you get involved. The people want a part that is represented by them and it has become clear that the only party that does that is the Green Party.

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