Essay on Democratic Opinion On Democratic Party Of America

Essay on Democratic Opinion On Democratic Party Of America

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Democratic Socialism: Facebook Aides in Dividing the Nation
Kelsey O’Callaghan
For this study, I chose to evaluate and observe the Facebook page, “Democratic Socialists of America”. Before analyzing the wall posts and discussion topics in the group, I formulated the hypothesis that many of the posts would include slanderous comments and remarks towards the Democratic Socialists, but many would also include undying support and defense for the group. In the midst of the current political situation, most Americans have an opinion on whom they believe should be our next President – and they are not afraid to express their thoughts. Facebook provides the option to showcase your political views without leaving the comfort of your home, subsequently providing the feeling of safety, allowing the general population to be honest when expressing their views and opinions.
Review of the Literature
After reading the research conducted by Greene, et al., a few questions arose in my head, leading me to believe that my original hypothesis would prove to be correct. In the article, Online Social Networking by Patients with Diabetes: A Qualitative Evaluation of Communication with Facebook written by Greene, et al., it states: “One recent survey indicates patients search the internet more frequently than they communicate with their doctors about health care questions” (287). This poses the question, why do people generally tend to rely on unexperienced opinions rather than expert reports and studies; and will the same thought process be relevant to the political sphere or simply only applied to medical related issues? Since politics are completely opinion based, I do not suspect that there will be as many advertisements or product pla...

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...o my research. I had a preconceived notion in my mind that social media was based on drama and getting into verbal altercations with other members of the community all from the comfort of your own home. It seems as if the people involved in this particular group were more curious about learning answers to their valid political questions rather than getting into internet fights over their beliefs. This is still a question on my mind though – why is this so? Why do these particular people not get into altercations with each other? Politics is an exceedingly controversial subject matter; with controversy comes difference in viewpoints which subsequently leads to altercations. Overall, my findings proved my hypothesis to be half correct – indeed, there were people who supported the group greatly, but I did not find many people who only had slanderous comments to post.

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