Democratic Ideologies Of The United States Essay

Democratic Ideologies Of The United States Essay

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Democratic ideologies in the United States provide the basis for both the limitations and boundaries given to each individual living in the country. However, the term individual is very tricky in a society that promotes democratic ideals but functions by capitalistic principles. This imbalance is seen throughout society but remains highly prevalent in lower economic classes in the country. The core values of Capitalism are not incorrect; however, when intertwined with American core values – democracy, equal opportunities, and pursuit of happiness – they cause conflict and damage the lives of certain individuals. Low-wage workers are often victims of this disparity and find themselves working for their employers without enough compensation – a lack of reciprocity. Without recognizing the problem and implementing high-commitment practices, the lower classes will continue to struggle under capitalistic values that have always ostracized them.
When one works a job, he/she expects to earn something equivalent to the degree of effort placed in a given task. When workers work overtime, they display a high degree of commitment to the task at hand and are thus usually compensated for the extra hours they put in. However, this is only possible when there is mutual respect between the employees and employers. An employer who is negligent of the effort a worker puts in his/her work creates job dissatisfaction and distance in the workplace. Beth Shulman in her work The Betrayal of Work, introduces the pharmacy technical assistant, Judy Smithfield. Her job requires accuracy and scrutiny, which is often very time consuming. Without sufficient help, she finds herself working six days a week. Logically, considering the difficulty of her task, r...

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...of values can be combined with the presence of reciprocity in the workplace. By introducing high-commitment strategies in the workplace such as training and information sharing, Capitalism and American core values can coexist in low wage jobs. The low-wage workers do not ask for extreme changes with their monetary compensation, but instead want to be able to enjoy the work they do and feel appreciated for it. They want to know their efforts are being acknowledged and rightfully compensated whether it is a slight raise in salary or opportunities to move up the ladder in the company they work for. This workplace ideology should not face opposition as it benefits the ones in charge as well; that is the point of reciprocity. To fight against this reform is to support a selfish agenda that has tarnished the role of Capitalism in American democracy for the lower classes.

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