Essay on Democracy Today 's Society Government

Essay on Democracy Today 's Society Government

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In today’s society government has a large impact on the day to day life of Americans. From laws, to military, to social security, government is clearly very important. Our government has been influenced by different countries and people throughout time, then improvised and made more efficient. The ancient greeks had a lot of influence on the way the government works today.
There are many pros and cons about democracy according to Euripides. Some of the pros are the democracy is made to protect the people. Also everyone has an opportunity to contribute ideas about how to make their society better. There are also some cons of democracy. The Theban messenger thinks that people are too gullible and are poor judges of things. Also that people don’t have the time or talent for politics and that wiser people would be against democracy. Euripides defines justice in that when the laws rule all rich and poor, powerful and weak are equal. Basically saying that the poor and the strong are equal. “There the poor are able to speak the same language as the strong.”(Theseus Pg. 17) The rules of law are important to him because this makes everyone more equal no matter what your economic status is. “What greater equality can exist in a city? Where all citizens rule, they take pride in their young people.” (Theseus Pg. 17)
Theseus says nothing is worse for a society than tyrant or despot. Under a tyrant there is rule by man. He also says that the city can’t survive and prosper under a tyrant. “But where a tyrant rules, he fears them, and seeing the most talented among them as a threat to his own power, he puts them to the sword.” (Theseus Pg. 17) In a democracy there is rule of law, regardless of people’s status. Everyone has an opportunity to cont...

... middle of paper ... than such as have always been governed by princes.”(Machiavelli Pg.30) When people don’t like how something is they persist on it until they get it fixed. People are easily positively influenced by a good man. Where as a prince is not. “There is no other remedy against him but cold steel.” Machiavelli’s ideas support our basic assumptions of democracy in that government works way better when the people get a say in what happens instead of a tyrant or just one person. People will be way more cooperative in this type of government. Also that way more progress in the city will be made when everyone has a say and things will get done in a more time efficient manner.
The ancient greeks knew government was important to keep order and protection to their people. What they may not of know was that thousands of years later their ideas and principles would still be used.

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