The Democracy Of Democracy During The Middle East And Asia Essay

The Democracy Of Democracy During The Middle East And Asia Essay

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Many people love to live in a democratic environment where they have less fear then they would under a dictatorial regime. However, sometimes they must accept their current regime whether it is a democratic government or not. Most often in the world when the government’s system changes, people are optimistic about their new government. However, when the new system does not work, then they may start to revert to their previous system. Sometimes only a small group of people try to provoke others to stand against their current regime, but those who are provoked do not appreciate the dictatorship which was at least beneficial for the majority of the citizens. Later when they realize their movement was a big mistake, it is too late. Most countries in the Middle East and Asia have not have experienced democracy. They usually had monarchies or traditional systems and democracy is really new. That does not mean they do not want a democratic system, but it would take time to change their old system toward democracy. On the other hand, some people are happy with their current government despite having a dictator because many citizens do not expect a lot from their government as compared to Westerners. I come from Afghanistan, where the majority of citizens do not expect a lot from the central government. If you interview most Afghans, his or her expectations of their government are only to have security and peace. Before the civil war started in Libya, people in the West thought that Gaddafi was a dictator and his system of government was unacceptable to the Libyans. However, they may have not noticed the consequences of the government’s change. Today some people in the West believe that NATO’s intervention was a success in Libya because NA...

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... public. In Middle East and some Asian countries, ethnic battle has been going on for centuries and this is hard to stop. Gaddafi was at least had a government to prevent tribal skirmishes. Gaddafi was a dictator leader but at least he had controlled majority of his people and had security (Kuperman, 2013).
NATO has always claim that they support civilians against any dictator regime in the world. However, today thousands of people in Libya have been killed; people fled their country to Europe and are living in a very hard and harsh condition. European nations do not want the enormous influx of immigration to their land because Europeans have provide housing and food for so many people .Women became widowed and their children are experiencing their toughest of their life. Children must accept not going to schools. Libya’s infrastructure severally damaged which would

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