Democracy Is A Political System Of Mass Participation Essay

Democracy Is A Political System Of Mass Participation Essay

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What is Democracy?
“Democracy is a political system of mass participation, competitive elections, and human and civil rights”. Breaking down democracy comes from the Greek word demokratia; demo meaning “the people” and kratia meaning “rule”. Some countries try to trick their citizens into thinking that the way they are ruling is a democratic way however does not have any of the components of what a “true” democracy is. Democracy is very balanced and very complex. It ensures human and civil rights, limits power, rules of law and carries out the thoughts of the citizens. Democracy is made of many different components and has two different types that vary in every nation or country. The different components include popular accountability of government, political competition, alternation in power, uncertain electoral outcomes, popular representation, majority decision, right of dissent and disobedience, political equality, popular consultation, and free press. The two different types are representative and direct democracies.
The different types may sound like they are the same howe...

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